When a child goes missing, presenting concise and professional looking information is critical. Whether we are recreating the Missing Person flyers, or writing your descriptions and helping you get them printed, our design services help you share your missing child’s story and posters professionally.

Dedicated case workers will help you benefit from our services by:

  • Counseling you on ways to search for your child.
  • Working with you to obtain all relevant information pertaining to missing teen.
  • Creating a personalized missing person poster for your child.
  • Rewriting of poster content to share more details about child and circumstances around disappearance
  • Organizing poster distribution throughout our vast network of partners at the local and national levels
  • Helping you work with your community, law enforcement and the media.

You may not have all the information when you first come to us. But our case workers will diligently work with you and your family to retrieve the information necessary to properly and quickly disseminate information about your missing child. We have the same goal: To find your child. Let us help.