The ICAC Taskforce is a national network ​of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 4,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies created to help State and local law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative response to offenders who use the Internet, online communication systems, or other computer technology to sexually exploit children.

The program is currently is funded by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
Phone: (334) 353-1224
Email: Alabama ICAC
Alabama ICAC Website
Anchorage Police Department
Phone: (907) 786-8558
Email: Alaska ICAC
Alaska ICAC Website
Phoenix Police Department
Phone: (623) 466-1828
Email: Arizona ICAC
Arizona ICAC Website
Arkansas State Police
Phone: (479) 783-5195
Email: Arkansas ICAC
Arkansas ICAC Website
Colorado Springs Police Department
Phone: (719) 444-7630
Email: Colorado ICAC
Colorado ICAC Website
Connecticut State Police
Phone: (203) 694-6572
Email: Connecticut ICAC
Connecticut ICAC Website
Delaware Department of Justice
Phone: (302) 739-2030
Email: Delaware ICAC
Delaware ICAC Website
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (404) 270-8870
Email: Georgia ICAC
Georgia ICAC Website
Hawaii Department of Attorney General
Phone: (808) 587-4111
Email: Hawaii ICAC
Hawaii ICAC Website
Idaho Office of Attorney General
Phone: (208) 334-4527
Email: Idaho ICAC
Idaho ICAC Website
Illinois Office of Attorney General
Phone: (312) 814-3505
Email: Illinois ICAC
Illinois ICAC Website
Indiana State Police
Phone: (317) 232-8309
Email: Indiana ICAC
Indiana ICAC Website
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (515) 965-7402
Email: Iowa ICAC
Iowa ICAC Website
Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (316) 660-9447
Email: Kansas ICAC
Kansas ICAC Website
Kentucky State Police
Phone: (502) 782-9769
Email: Kentucky ICAC
Kentucky ICAC Website
Louisiana Department of Justice
Phone: (225) 326-6100
Email: Louisiana ICAC
Louisiana ICAC Website
Maine State Police
Phone: (207) 877-8081
Email: Maine ICAC
Maine ICAC Website
Maryland State Police
Phone: (410) 953-8260
Email: Maryland ICAC
Maryland ICAC Website
Massachusetts State Police
Phone: (978) 451-3550
Email: Massachusetts ICAC
Massachusetts ICAC Website
Michigan State Police
Phone: (877) 642-9237
Email: Michigan ICAC
Michigan ICAC Website
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Phone: (651) 793-1072
Email: Minnesota ICAC
Minnesota ICAC Website
Mississippi Office of Attorney General
Phone: (601) 576-4268
Email: Mississippi ICAC
Mississippi ICAC Website
St. Charles County Police Department
Phone: (636) 949-3000
Email: Missouri ICAC
Missouri ICAC Website
Billings Police Department
Phone: (406) 896-4376
Email: Montana ICAC
Montana ICAC Website
Nebraska State Patrol
Phone: (402) 471-4545
Email: Nebraska ICAC
Nebraska ICAC Website
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Phone: (702) 860-9672
Email: Nevada ICAC
Nevada ICAC Website
Portsmouth Police Department
Phone: (603) 610-7429
Email: New Hampshire ICAC
New Hampshire ICAC Website
New Jersey State Police
Phone: (609) 584-5051
Email: New Jersey ICAC
New Jersey ICAC Website
New Mexico Attorney General's Office
Phone: (505) 717-3542
Email: New Mexico ICAC
New Mexico ICAC Website
New York State Police
Phone: (518) 457-8812
Email: New York ICAC
New York ICAC Website
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (919) 779-8130
Email: North Carolina ICAC
North Carolina ICAC Website
North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (701) 328-5500
Email: North Dakota ICAC
North Dakota ICAC Website
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office
Phone: (440) 886-5284
Email: Ohio ICAC
Ohio ICAC Website
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Phone: (405) 879-2680
Email: Oklahoma ICAC
Oklahoma ICAC Website
Oregon Department of Justice
Phone: (503) 378-6347
Email: Oregon ICAC
Oregon ICAC Website
Delaware County District Attorney's Office
Phone: (610) 891-4700
Email: Pennsylvania ICAC
Pennsylvania ICAC Website
Rhode Island State Police
Phone: (401) 921-8150
Email: Rhode Island ICAC
Rhode Island ICAC Website
South Carolina Attorney General's Office
Phone: (803) 734-9456
Email: South Carolina ICAC
South Carolina ICAC Website
South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (605) 381-1734
Email: South Dakota ICAC
South Dakota ICAC Website
Knoxville Police Department
Phone: (865) 637-5590
Email: Tennessee ICAC
Tennessee ICAC Website
Office of the Attorney General of Texas
Phone: (512) 463-3159
Email: Texas ICAC
Texas ICAC Website
Dallas Police Department
Phone: (214) 671-4201
Email: Texas - Dallas PD ICAC
Texas - Dallas PD ICAC Website
Houston Police Department (HM)
Phone: (713) 986-3310
Email: Texas - Houston Area ICAC
Texas - Houston Area ICAC Website
Utah Office of Attorney General
Phone: (801) 281-1211
Email: Utah ICAC
Utah ICAC Website
Vermont Office of Attorney General
Phone: (802) 828-5522
Email: Vermont ICAC
Vermont ICAC Website
Seattle Police Department
Phone: (206) 684-4351
Email: Washington ICAC
Washington ICAC Website
West Virginia State Police
Phone: (304) 293-6400
Email: West Virginia ICAC
West Virginia ICAC Website
Wisconsin Department of Justice
Phone: (608) 264-9482
Email: Wisconsin ICAC
Wisconsin ICAC Website
Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
Phone: (307) 777-5437
Email: Wyoming ICAC
Wyoming ICAC Website