When 16-year-old Jholie Moussa went missing, we couldn’t get an AMBER Alert issued because her case did not meet the criteria for an AMBER Alert. However, because the family was adamant that she DID NOT runaway, a community of social media friends and family were mobilized, providing a grass roots alert system with a nation-wide reach. This gave birth to what we called The Jholie Alert System (JAS).

The Jholie Alert System is our alternative to the AMBER Alert System, designed to mobilize and engage a large social media community to be on the look out for the missing child. The Jholie Alert System may evolve into an AMBER Alert if the law enforcement investigation later reveals an indication that the child has been abducted. In these instances, The Jholie Alert System can serve as a mechanism to begin releasing information to the public while law enforcement continues to investigate the cause of the disappearance.

To activate The Jholie Alert System, the following criteria must be met:

  • The child must be between the ages of 11-17
  • Missing two (2) weeks or less
  • No history of ever running away
  • Active case filed with Law Enforcement & the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Descriptive information and a photograph of the child must be available.

Activation Process:

  • Based on received information, your caseworker will make recommendations for the activation of The Jholie Alert System.
  • Not a Runaway, Inc., working in conjunction with the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction, will prepare information for public distribution.
  • Our office will ensure that the information is distributed to the media as well as to the public via text message, email, through social media and other resources.

Note: Only your caseworker can request activation of The Jholie Alert System. If you would like to report a missing teen, please contact your local police department first, then contact Not a Runaway, Inc at 1-888-U-FIND-US.

Mobilization of The Jholie Alert System includes:

  • All Design & Distribution Services
  • Mobilization of over 50,000 individuals that will share and distribute posters of the missing teen in their communities and on social media
  • Act as a liaison for families with the media
  • Develop and post videos to further engage community search
  • Publishing posters on Not a Runaway, Inc’s web site and various social media sites locally and across the nation
  • Organizing canvassing efforts by foot, vehicle and neighborhood

To find out more about the differences between the AMBER Alert and The Jholie Alert System, visit the AMBER Alert portion of this website.

To receive text alerts when The Jholie Alert System is activated, download our mobile app.