The Jholie Moussa Memorial Scholarship

In loving memory of Jholie Deborah Renee Moussa
March 2011-February 2018

The Jholie Moussa Memorial Scholarship is a merit based scholarship to a student graduating from Mount Vernon High School, in Alexandria, VA, for college attendance. The scholarship is for a single year per student and will be awarded annually in the amount of $3,000 for payment of tuition, fees, and books at any college or university. The scholarship will be awarded in June of each year and will be paid to the educational institution for first year college expenses.


  • First Week of January: Application Guidelines are announced and given to students
  • April 30th: Applications from students due
  • Senior Awards Ceremony : Award Announced to Student


  • The recipient must be a student from Mount Vernon High School, in Alexandria, VA.
  • The recipient must be accepted to a college and be financially able, with the scholarship, to attend.
  • The recipient must be a student who will be pursuing any of the fine art programs (visual, graphics or performing) in college.

Other criteria include:

  • Good character
  • Good citizenship
  • Good scholastic record
  • Recommendation from teachers and/or staff of the high school
  • Healthy lifestyle

Requirement for Scholarship:

  • Applicants should submit a completed application form by April 30. The form should detail the applicant’s community and volunteer activities.
  • In addition, the applicant will prepare a 200 to 500 word essay outlining the student’s dreams and aspirations as they relate to a college education, career, and future plans.
  • Applicants should submit two letters of references from teachers and a high school transcript from Mount Vernon High School.
  • Applicant may be called for an interview.

The scholarship committee will announce each year’s scholarship recipient during the Senior Awards Ceremony.