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Jholie Moussa was 16 years old when she was taken from us. She had been studying very hard for her driver’s test, which she was scheduled to take the following week and like most teenagers her age, she was excited about getting her driver’s permit. Her father was also very excited for her and had planned on surprising her with a car upon the successful completion of her test.

Jholie was a sophomore at Mount Vernon High School, in Alexandria, VA. She was extremely smart and excelled in academics. She loved to sing, especially with her twin sister, Zhane. The two of them loved harmonizing together and would create silly videos of themselves during their downtime. Jholie was also a very talented writer. She wrote numerous songs, stories and poetry. Her dream was to one day publish her books. She also aspired to one day be a singer. Jholie loved to travel. Two of her favorite places were New York City and California.

Jholie was a free spirit. She never held a grudge and was always smiling. She had an infectious smile that would light up any room. She was the sweetest child. Gentle, considerate, loyal, respectful; a child of God, a loving daughter, devoted sister and a faithful friend. Everyone who knew Jholie, loved her. She was touched by light and brought joy to everyone who met her.

On January 12, 2018, Jholie Moussa went missing, after leaving her home in Alexandria, VA. She was missing for 14 days. The community was astounding, supporting our family in a massive nationwide search to find Jholie. We were devastated when her body was discovered in a park a short distance from her home on January 26, 2018. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

Jholie’s murderer has not been found. Our family begs the person or persons responsible for Jholie’s murder to do the right thing and turn themselves in. We also ask that if anyone has any information about her assailants to please notify the police.

We pray every day for #justiceforJholie. She would have had a birthday on March 21.

Thank you for remembering Jholie.