Our Mission

Not a Runaway, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to help in the promotion, information dissemination and recovery of missing teenage children that have been specifically labeled as “runaways” by fostering a triangle of trust among law enforcement,
community and a missing child's family.

We are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, brothers, sisters and friends of Jholie Moussa. We are part of a unique group of survivors that have been impacted by the loss of a loved one who was wrongfully labeled as being a “runaway”. Through our pain and desire to make Jholie’s death not have been in vein, Not a Runaway, Inc. was born.

Founded in February 2018, Not a Runaway, Inc., is a nonprofit organization founded in loving memory of Jholie Moussa, and to honor the thousands of volunteers that searched for her.

When Jholie went missing and law enforcement was not reacting as urgently as we wanted, we used our various experiences to mobilize a social media community into action across the United States. Not only did Jholie’s case gain media attention across the nation, but the FBI was able to get involved within 4 days of her being reported missing. Jholie became a daughter to over 50,000+ people across the nation who saw her as a member of their family and who shared our posts, her pictures and her story. Through the support demonstrated by the community at large, we were able to create an Alert System that worked even when the AMBER Alert was not mobilized. When Jholie’s body was found 14 days later, the nation mourned. People were stunned by their sense of loss for a child they had never met… but who felt like a member of their own family.

Just because it was not evident that an abduction had occurred, we believe that Jholie’s disappearance should have warranted some sort of Alert. And because we were not able to receive one in a timely manner, we will always wonder…. If the police had taken Jholie’s disappearance a little bit more urgently and issued an AMBER Alert, could she have been found alive?

It is through our first-hand experience and desire to ensure no family ever experiences the pain we felt and continue to feel, that Not a Runaway, Inc. was established. Our passion is prevention, but our hearts are with the missing. Not a Runaway, Inc. was formed to honor the personal and professional sacrifices made on behalf of Jholie, and works to find missing children through information dissemination, media attention and education.